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New Song Feedback Session

New Song Feedback Session - September 23

What is a New Song Feedback Session?

Songwriters submit their songs to GMI Hub for review and feedback from three Hub staff members.  This is presented in a Zoom format with all participants and staff on line together.

What's in it for me?

At the New Song Feedback Session you will receive unbiased comments on your song that will cover all facets of songwriting including lyrics, arrangement, melody, what works well, what can be improved.

Who can join the New Song Feedback Session?

The New Song Feedback Session is available only to GMI Hub subscribers. Attendance is limited to give each song a comprehensive review.

Will the New Song Feedback Sessions be available on GMI Hub Online ?

 No.  The new Song Feedback Sessions are not recorded for later viewing.

When is the next New Song Feedback Session & how can I take part?

The next New Song Feedback Session is scheduled for September 23 2021.  As a GMI Hub subscriber you will receive notification of the event and instructions for registering by email.

Past Events

Listening Party

May 13, 2021

Singer/songwriters submitted their original songs to receive friendly constructive feedback about the songs and lyrics in a friendly, safe environment.